"Stop Leash Pulling" 2-Hour Training Bootcamp Tour

by Hamilton Dog Training

Is walking your dog a pain in the ass? This 2-hour IN-PERSON training bootcamp is for people who want their walks to be stress-free, easy, and enjoyable. Watch the video below for more details.

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What it is

It's a 2-hour in-person group training session where you'll learn how to fix leash pulling, jumping on people, excitement/frustration reactivity, demand barking, and other common problems. You also get access to video lessons that supplement the training.

Who it's for

For people who are struggling with at least one of the following:

  • Dog currently pulls you down the street like a sled dog
  • Dog jumps on people/gets overly excited
  • Dog demand barks/whines to get your attention
  • Dog chases birds, squirrels, rabbits, bikes, skateboards, or cars
  • Excitement/frustration reactivity towards dogs or people because they are excited and want to say hi
  • It feels like your communication with your dog is unclear
  • It feels like there's a knowledge gap that's preventing you from solving these problems on your own

What it helps you achieve

The "Stop Leash Pulling" 2-Hour Training Bootcamp will help you achieve the following:

  • A dog who walks on a nice loose leash, even around distractions
  • A dog who greets people nicely and doesn't jump on them
  • A dog who walks right past other dogs, people, squirrels, bikes, etc on walks without reacting
  • No more demand barking and whining during those Zoom calls
  • A first-principles understanding of how dogs learn & think, and how to communicate with your dog effectively

How it works

  • Group Training: Attend a 2-hour group class where we train dogs live. Each dog and owner will get 1-on-1 attention from me to solve problems as they arise.
  • Video Lessons: Access to pre-recorded video lessons that are designed to walk you through every step of the training, so you aren't lost during the group training session.
  • Live Problem Solving: Get into the mind of a dog trainer, and watch me solve common problems in real-time with real dogs. Learn to think like a dog trainer.
  • A Proven Plan: Follow our 3-step loose-leash walking system that we've implemented successfully on over 200+ dogs with a 100% success rate.
  • Guaranteed Results - If your dog is not walking on a loose leash by the end of the training, we'll give you your money back. Why do we have such a generous guarantee? Because we know our training works.

How to get started

Find your city and book a ticket below. Once you sign up, you will get instant access to the video lessons and will be registered for the 2-hour in-person group class. More steps will be provided once you sign up.

Email [email protected] if you have any questions.


All times listed below are the local times in the corresponding city. Both ticket types get access to video lessons and the 2-hour training session. Spots are limited.

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